2018 Nigeria Got Talent Registration | Apply Now For Nigeria Got Talent

Most people do not know much about Nigeria got talent. Nigeria’s Got Talent is true in Nigeria talent show that is part of the Got Talent company. 2018 Nigeria Got Talent Registration, you see how to register for this talent show.

It was launched in 2012 on the television stations AIT and NTA, and sponsored by communications company Airtel.

2018 Nigeria Got Talent Registration

How to Apply for Nigeria’s Got Talent Show

• apply to the first round check can still be considered for audit on a quit DVD or video clip in the sole discretion of the Producer whose decision will be final and binding.

• Acts can be invited to view the list by research work on behalf of the producers. Such projects will be required to check on the same basis as a normal search and search bills.

• A completed application does not ensure that the appliance will have a view or participate in the program.

• You must be resident in Nigeria and deadly form of identification. You provide the Company documents to substantiate your age (I mean birth certificate and / or potential international passport).

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• If you are under 18 years old:

– You must get the permission of parents or legal guardians, applying. same to you

– Must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians, check. Proof of age will be required at the auditions.

• You must inform the Producer, in advance, if you intend to:

– Make physical and / or reckless stunts, disclose the full nature of the stunt. or

– Use any kind of equipment needed as part of the performance. You will be responsible for bringing such equipment (provided it is suitable for viewing location) and is responsible to ensure that such equipment is safe, and / or efficiency reasons. Pyrotechnics are not permitted.

Please Note the the 2018 Nigeria Got Talent Registration is not yet out once is out,you will be notify on this website.

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