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Western Union/ First bank Promo – Celebrate 20 Years in Nigerian

Western Union/ First bank Promo – Western Union is partnering with FirstBank to celebrate 20 years with Nigeria. This is a promo that will be benefit every one that transact with firstbank to west union.

How to Participate and Win in Western Union/ Firstbank Promo

Starting from now until August 20th 2016, when you send or receive money through Western Union at any FirstBank branch, you stand a chance to win prizes.

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Prizes to be won in the Western Union/ Firstbank Promo

  • 20 refrigerators
  • 20 generators
  • 20 microwaves
  • 20 fans
  • 20 water dispensers.

For those who are interested can visit the website below for more information on the Western Union/ Firstbank Promo
Visit https://www.firstbanknigeria.com/products/services-and-conglomerates/money-transfers/western-union-money-transfer/ to discover how you can send or receive money through Western Union at a FirstBank branch.

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