Trent Harmon Wins 2016 American Idol Season Fifteen

Trent Harmon Wins 2016 American Idol

Trent Harmon  wins 2016 American Idol  which took place on the 7th of April 2016, it was so amazing, great and interesting This year  American Idol, took many of us back to the The first “American Idol” finale in 2002 which was a battle of the sexes, with Kelly Clarkson the victor over Justin Guarini.

Trent Harmon when he was announced as the winner of the American Idol 2016, by Ryan Seacrest, was tumbled to the stage in surprise.

Trent Harmon said this at the stage with tears, “I know that I have a God given ability, but I did not want to take it for granted.

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Harmon,24, who described himself as just a “dude from Mississippi,” waited tables at his family’s restaurant in Amory before trying out for “American Idol.”

He won viewers over with his supple vocals and increasingly assured stage presence, and they voted him into history as the show’s last champion. Harmon earned a record contract along with the honor.

The song that was sang by Trent Harmon, was a  song that many people never liked, but after Trent Harmon had finished singing the song, people began to love the music.

Also Renae, 22, also from Mississippi, the town of McComb, is a single mom who inspired viewers with her triumph over domestic abuse as well as a richly powerful voice.

The President of American, Barack Obama encouraged his people to vote for their favorite contestant.

Series executive producer Nigel Lythgoe promised the finale would celebrate its large ranks of contestants, not big-name guests as in previous years, and he stuck to that pledge.

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