Top Talent Competitions in Nigeria For 2018 | Apply Now

Are you talented in music, dancing, cooking and lot more. I know most people do not know the various talent shows to show case their talent, below in this write up we shall be showing you Top Talent Competitions in Nigeria For 2018 and how you can apply for it.

Top Talent Competitions in Nigeria For 2018

  •  MTN Project Fame:

As the name implies, this talent show is proudly sponsored by the giant telecom company; MTN. It is a yearly talent show specially made for young persons.

  • The Voice Talent Show

The voice is a talent show were diffent talent young people come together to showcase their voices. Click Here to apply

  • Nigeria’s Got Talent

Are you young and talented? If you think that you can impress the audience and the judges with your talents, you should consider joining this show. It is aimed at  building creative spirit in young people. Click Here to apply

  • Maltina Dance Show

Maltina Dance Show is sponsored by the makers of Maltina which is a popular drink in Nigeria. It is a talent show for people who can dance. It is held on yearly basis. Click Here to apply

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  • Gulder Ultimate Search:

Just like the MTN project fame is sponsored by MTN, so also is Ultimate search sponsored by Guilder.

  • Nigeria Idol Talent Show

Nigeria Idol is one of the biggest music reality shows in Nigeria. The show is part of the global idol franchise which is a global show. It provides a veritable opportunity for young people talented in music to showcase their music talents.

  • Peak Talent Hunt

Peak Talent Hunt is a 13 week talent show organized and sponsored by Peak a well known maker of liquid and powdered milk. The talent show provides a platform for young Nigerians that are gifted in music, singing, dancing and acting to demonstrate what they know best. Amazing price awaits the winner.

  • Freestyle unplugged Nigeria Music Talent Show

This is a music talent show in which 20 young talented musicians contested for the grand prize. The contestants’ performance will be judged by panel of judges as well as the audience. The contestants will produce music in during the contest in different genres such as highlife, hip-hop, pop and reggae.


Below are other Talent shows you can not afford to miss.

Talent Shows And Auditions In Nigeria 2018

  1. MTN Project Fame.
  2. Guilder Ultimate Search.
  3. Nigeria’s got talent.
  4. Maltina dance show.
  5. Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO).
  6. Celebrity take 2.
  7. Dance234.
  8. Star talent show.
  9. Who wants to be a millionaire .
  10. Nigeria Idol.
  11. MTN next Titan.
  12. Peak talent show.
  13. YouWin Connect.
  14. X-Factor.
  15. Gift talent hunt show.
  16. Freestyle unplugged Nigerian music show.
  17. Destiny child gospel music talent show.
  18. MTN Battle of the year competition.
  19. Next movie Star.
  20. Harvest of Dance performance.

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