Top List of World’s Richest Clubs in 2017 – Check Here for Your Club

Top List of World’s Richest Clubs in 2017

According to recent Forbes valuation, eight premier league clubs feature in top 20 This is really where talents and skills are been displayed. for those who are looking for the Top List of World’s Richest Clubs in 2017 , here the recent ones we have gotten for you.Below are list of Top List of World’s Richest Clubs in 2017, you can check the club you love most and see their details.

Top List of World’s Richest Clubs in 2017

1Real Madrid $3.64 billion$694m1st
2FC Barcelona $3.54 billion $675m2nd
3Manchester United $3.45 billion$703m3rd
4FC Bayern Munich $2.57 billion$570m4th
5Arsenal $2.01 billion $524m7th
6Manchester City $1.92 billion $558m5th
7Chelsea $1.66 billion $505m6th
8Liverpool $1.54 billion $471m8th
9Juventus $1.29 billion$415m9th
10Tottenham Hotspurs $1.01 billion $310m13th
11Borussia Dortmund $836 million $338m11th
12AC Milan $825 million $240m10th
13Paris Saint Germain $814 million $572m12th
14FC Schalke $655 million $264m14th
15Atletico Madrid $633 million $225m16th
16Inter Milan$559 million$198m15th
17West Ham United $542 million $194m19th
18AS Roma$508 million $217mNew
19Napoli $396 million $151m17th
20Newcastle United$383 million $204m18th 

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