The Voice Nigerian 2016 Audition commence April

The Voice Nigerian 2016 Audition

The Voice Nigerian 2016 Audition is here again, for you to showcase what you can do in singing. this is an opportunity for those who can sing very well, so you don’t need to miss the voice Nigeria.

The voice Nigerian 2016 is going to be launched by Africa Magic, one of Africa best entertainment. The voice Nigeria is an accepted singing competition show that brings out the best in you .

The Voice Nigerian 2016 Audition Commencement Month

The voice Nigerian will fully commence on air in April, 2016. The voice Nigerian is competition launched in 2010, has win numbers of audiences in countries like Australia, America and the United Kingdom, where popular artistes like; Shakira, Christina Aguilera,Tom Jones, Pharrell Williams,  Ricky Martin, Adam levine and many others are well known  as judges.

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The Voice Nigeria will be of the same pattern which includes a panel of four coaches who criticize the contestants’ performances. They also guide their teams of selected artists through the season and  also contending to ensure that their contestant wins the music challenge.

Please note that  any artist or singer that has made an album or single that has sold in any amount are automatically disqualified if he or she registers for the voice Nigeria 2016 audition. This is because the contestants are supposed to be unknown so that they can come to limelight through this medium. this show is aimed at building up on coming singers who will represent the world at large.

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