Ronda Rousey violates suspension but is rewarded with a big announcement

Ronda Rousey violates suspension – In case you missed it, during Sunday night’s Extreme Rules RAW Women’s Championship match, Rousey jumped the barricade and attacked James. However, when Rousey violated her suspension by suddenly showing up the following night to Monday Night Raw, she had her sights set on the RAW women’s champion, Alexa Bliss.

Ronda Rousey violates suspension

With only two days left on her suspension, Ronda Rousey not-so-surprisingly broke the rules again when she showed up at WWE Monday Night Raw to have a little chat with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. And by little chat, we mean Rousey went straight up beast mode on them.

Ronda Rousey violates suspension

After attacking James in the ring, Rousey then charged after Bliss and tackled her to the ground before pulling her by her hair back to the ring. Rousey then slammed Bliss to the ground and held her down with her arm behind her back. Fortunately for Bliss, just when it seemed like Rousey might break Bliss’s arm, Kurt Angle suddenly stepped in to put his foot down.

Ronda Rousey violates suspension but is rewarded“I’m gonna have to tack another week on to your suspension,” Angle told Rousey. “Listen, when your suspension is up, I’m gonna give you a match with Alexa Bliss. But if you pull another stunt like you did tonight, you can kiss that match goodbye. It’s not going to be just any match. Your match with Alexa Bliss will be for the RAW Women’s Championship at Summerslam! Now go home.”

So, in the end, Rousey may have added another week to her suspension, but it actually worked out in her favor and the rowdy wrestler couldn’t be more ecstatic.

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