How To Register For MTN Project Fame Season 10

We have come to realize that so many people do not know How To Register For MTN Project Fame. below is how To Register For MTN Project Fame Season 10

MTN Project Fame is a talent show that helps to build up and train up coming celebrities . This show helps you show case your voice.

How To Register For MTN Project Fame Season 10

To register for MTN Project Fame Season 10, you need to wait for the for to be out. also you must make sure that you have the following Eligibility and Requirements to qualify you register for the talent show.

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Eligibility & Requirements For MTN Project Fame Season 10

The following are the eligibility criteria for the MTN Project Fame Season 10

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above.
  • Amateurs only eligible. Anyone who has recorded and released either a song and/or album is not eligible to apply.
  • Employees of the MTN Group, DDB-Nigeria, Town Criers, African Broadcast Network-Ghana, MedireachOMD-Ghana, GBCGhana, Mediacom-Ghana, Liberia & Sierra Leone broadcasters, Ultima Limited and Endemol, and their families are not eligible to enter this application.

The requirements MTN Project Fame Season 10

  • Birthday certificate or age declaration
    Application form
  • 8-Digit pin. To get your pin, dial 5900 with your MTN line only or send your name and location to 5900.
  • Copy of photo ID/International or ECOWAS passport.

Please Note that the form is not yet out, once the form is out, you will be update. You can use the comment box below to get any information you need concerning the show.

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