Project Fame Academy Day 31 – Kitay Tenders His Unreserved Apologies

Project Fame Academy Day 31 – Kitay Tenders His Unreserved Apologies – The Project Fame West Africa is really a training ground were up coming talented people are taught how to sing, they are also taught on how to conduct their attitudes in the academy.

The day started with Mummy J instructing the contestants to talk about topics that interests them. Mirabel spoke about identity while Okiemute and Steve spoke on mental child abuse. Mummy J however spoke for parents that although there are things parents will like to keep away from their children; the pressures of life sometimes make them forget the responsibilities of taking care of young minds.

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Project Fame Academy Day 31 – Kitay Tenders His Unreserved Apologies

Later in the day, the contestants rehearsed their songs with Ms. Ige, who taught them to perfect and synergize their song lyrics and body language.

Kitay missed all the action in Ms. Lovette’s class as she taught the contestants dance steps for their respective songs. He was however sober as he apologized and humbly admitted his wrong to Ms. Lovette shortly after her class.

The show ended with Ms. Lovette who excitedly hugged Kitay as they reconciled. According to Hannah More “forgiveness is the economy of the heart, it saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred and the waste of spirits”. No real long standing relationship is void of offences, and of course, forgiveness.

It has really been a great fun in the project fame academy this season, were upcoming talented musicians are taught on how to live as one in the academy.

The contestants desperately need your votes to continue in the competition. To vote, send his/her unique number to 306 in Nigeria or 1745 in Ghana from an MTN line.

To vote on the website, text PF to 303 at N100. Watch your favourite contestant’s probation video on the website and vote up to 6 times daily.

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