Priscilla is crowned as the Namibian Dessert Queen

So good to here that the well known former corporate and business banking administration manager on Wednesday successfully sang her way to the top in the season finale of The Namibian Talent Show.

As big and as beautiful as her winning voice, Priscilla the Namibian Dessert Queen captured local hearts through her effervescence as well as the easy work she made of Aretha Franklin covers while adding a smiling something of her own.

The brainchild of Emmi Shivute, despite a few setbacks, the Namibian Talent Show succeeded in engaging the nation through its SMS voting line while showcasing a range of skills for the entertainment loving public to view and employ.

“The Namibian Talent Show is a true celebration of Namibian talents, skills and abilities from all walks of life,” says Emmi. “This is not the last show, this is the beginning and we are looking forward to the second season next year. We are also looking forward to a much bigger and better show.”

As the winner, She celebrated her N$25 000 win and three months of successful hard work with a little victory dance with her kids. 

Here are comments of hers after announcing her the Namibian Dessert Queen of Namibian Talent Show

“To celebrate, I went straight home, still in shock,” says Priscilla. “My kids were waiting for me and they were jumping up and down kissing me all over telling me I am the world’s greatest mum. I am grateful, I am honoured and I feel blessed. For this, I would like to thank God my Heavenly Father, my late parents, my friends, my family and my Namibian fans.”

“I am Priscilla the Namibian Dessert Queen because I represent all ‘normal’ African women whether black, brown, white, peach, or yellow. We are all African and I am a proud plus size woman,” she says.

“I love myself unconditionally, I know my flaws but yet I embrace it all and ooze confidence in knowing I’m unique, I can help to make a difference and I am real. I’m 37 years old, recently divorced and I wanted to sing to deal with the hurt and to heal. Music is food for the soul, no matter what. I’m doing what I love and in the process, I’m healing.”

Though she didn’t expect to win, Priscilla entered the competition to gain confidence, for her kids and to find herself after pursuing a career in banking for 20 years. Currently a full time singer-songwriter, she is finally following her dream inspired by her personal motto of ‘Woman you can, you will, and with faith and hard work, you are’.


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