Most Talented Dogs in the country on the way to a Rapid City stage

Its so amazing to see the most talented dogs in the country are on their way to a Rapid City stage to do handstands they are born to do. Already an arrangement has been made for the Olate Dogs to perform on Saturday night at The Performing Arts Center of Rapid City.

The 11 poodle mix dogs became famous after winning the seventh season of “America’s Got Talent,” earning $1 million prize for father-son trainers Richard and Nicholas Olate. It’s a long way from Richard’s humble beginnings in a poor family from Chile.

Most Talented Dogs in the country  piks

“When my dad was 12, he took in these dogs, and he likes to say they took each other from the streets,” Nicholas said. “The dogs saved his life, and he saved theirs.”

“My dad didn’t know that it was real at first,” Nicholas said. “He always had to do everything by himself, and he never had any help.”

Putting this together leds to a performance on “America’s Got Talent,” which the elder Olate initially didn’t want to do.


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