List of MTN Talent Show Programmes Sponsor by MTN Telecommunication

The MTN Telecommunication company over the year, as been rated the largest telecommunication across African. That is why they are the sponsor of major Talent Show programmes. These talent shows are very helpful to the Nigeria society at large as it provides young talented Nigerians the opportunity to promote and showcase their talents.

In this article (below) I have listed out List of MTN Talent Show Programmes which  you might already know or do not even know about.

Still talking of what this development has resulted to – all this years, it also to boost the entertainment industry in Nigeria and provides fun for those that watch them.

List of MTN Talent Show Programmes Sponsor by MTN Telecommunication

  • MTN Project Fame West African Talent ShowMTN Project Fame

The MTN Project Fame is generally rated as the biggest talent show in African. This programme concentrate to develop youths with singing passion, taking them to the level they never expected in life.
For example most of the Top Musician in Nigeria, Ghana, etc, got their light of success from MTN project fame and now they are top celebrities in the world.
The MTN Project Fame is a yearly talent show that provides young people opportunity to show their talents and get a chance of winning huge prizes.
  • Who Wants To Be A MillionaireWho Wants To Be A Millionaire

This is one of the earliest talent show in Nigeria. It is aimed at testing the intelligent quotient of the participants. Each participant will be asked 15 questions one after the other.
If you answer all of them correctly, you will win N10,000,000. You gain some money for each question you answer correctly. But if you fail any question, it will be over for you and you may lose some amount from your earning so far.
  • MTN Hit Maker

 MTN Hit Maker

MTN Hitmaker show strives to discover and nurture the great creative potential in the country and is open to Ghanaians who believe they are bound to be Hitmakers.

The first season of the MTN Hitmaker reality show saw Naterial win the coveted prize which plunged him into stardom and ever since, many aspiring musicians were greatly inspired to partake in the Season two and three of the MTN Hitmaker.

  • MTN Battle of the YearMTN Battle of the Year

MTN Battle of the Year is a break-dance competition aimed at producing the best break-dance group capable of representing Nigeria on the International stage.


  • MTN Next TitanMTN Next Titan

MTN Next Titan talent show is sponsored by MTN. The show is organized for Nigerian young entrepreneurs. In the show, 20 talented young entrepreneur compete in a business driven tasks. Lagos which is the most popular city in Nigeria is normally the venue for the task. The competition normally lasts for 13 weeks.

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