The Voice Uk 2016 – Kevin Simm emerge as Winner

Kevin Simm Wins The Voice Uk 2016

Kevin Simm Wins The Voice Uk 2016, which just ended Six days ago. It was really a great performance.

Kevin Simm who won the Voice Uk 2016 said, He has a very honest approach to winning this year’s the voice, knowing from experience that reality show fame isn’t a golden ticket to a lifetime of chart dominance.

“I know by winning The Voice it doesn’t make me a successful artist straight away,” Simm told, the singer having originally found fame after forming Liberty X with other rejected contestants from 2001 TV talent show Popstars.

He also said that he needs to work hard by getting his album together. That’s what I think will hopefully set me apart from other people. Not just people that have been on The Voice, but other people in the charts, I guess.

It is really difficult to put your finger on why it hasn’t maybe worked in the past. I think Stevie had considerable success with his stuff last year but I guess you can’t compare one person after the next. Everyone’s been very different.

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Despite this early success of Kevin Simm , He reveals that he was almost put off applying for the show, fearing the attention it could bring him online. Social media can, after all, be a platform purely for people to vent their frustrations.

“Applying for the show that was one of the things I was pretty worried about because at the end of the day people can get very brave on social media.

Sometimes they don’t think that there’s a real person that they’re writing about. Obviously when you read nasty stuff it sort of sticks out among all the nice things. You can’t help but notice it sometimes.

But Simm admitted it’s actually been quite the opposite and he’s been “blown away” by the support.

“It’s been the best experience of my life. Getting to live shows is so different to the early stages. We’d gone through the first three rounds keeping it secret, so you didn’t really know how people would actually react to you. I took a lot of confidence from social media and people on the street. Going into the live shows we knew that we had people at home backing us.



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