How To Fine “On This Day” On Facebook To Share Past Talent Memories

Please agree with me when i say; that is one of the top Social Site where talent can be showcase easily if really you have a talent to Show or to share the world. Meanwhile, as a talented individual you most have getting One or Two past Memory to renew or Re-share to your friends, but the question remains How can i Fine “On This DayOn Facebook To Share Past Talent Memories with Friend.

After reading this article sharing of Memory will not be a problem to you any more, because i will be showing you where to see on this day on to share memory with friends.

How To Fine “On This Day” On Facebook To Share Memory

Follow this process below to see ON THIS DAY:

1. “LogIn” to your FaceBook Account

2. Then click on your “Home or Timeline” to see your Newsfeed

3. On you Newsfeed, check down and you will see Explorer and under it you will see “See more…”, Click on it

4. Then when it’s open, you will see all memories that you have shared, then chose on any one you want to share.

NOTE: On this day is a place where all you past information that you have share is i.e a place you can find a past shared Memory.

Please if you still have any challenge on Where To Fine “On This Day” On Facebook To Share Memories, please let us know by using the comment box below. Thanks

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