Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition 2016

Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition

Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition the Birth of HIDDEN TALENT CANADA. Hidden Talent Canada was the brainchild of Singer/Songwriter Laura Cavacece. A recording artist for the past 2 decades Laura sought to create a platform to inspire new talent both young and old, and help them reach their goals. it is today.

Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition, is  also meant to help the young ones who are yet to discover their God-given talent in singing of writing of songs.

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So many people has the gift in them to perform very well in music and also compose song but there is no one to give them a right direction to do so, that is why the Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition has come up with this program.

This competition will also help both the young and old to find their voice and master the techniques that have earned Laura’s incredible success in the music industry.

You’ll learn warm-up exercises, expand your vocal range, pitch and breath control, vibrato, her signature riffs, power growls and falsettos, stage&performance confidence, songwriting and much more. this program is meant for all age people.


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