Gulder Ultimate Search News with Season Registration Update

Gulder Ultimate Search News with Season Registration Update – Most people have been asking What is The Selection Process like? you see; in order to extract the best of the best out of GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH massive pool of applications, all prospective applicants must first scale through the on-line screening process; that is fill the application online. After that, all qualifying applicants are then invited to pass a physical screening in one of GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH regional screening locations.

Gulder Ultimate Search News

(Gulder Ultimate Search News) At each screening location all applicants must then undertake and pass mandatory swimming and fitness exercises and then a thorough medical examination as well. Once these hurdles have been crossed, the successful applicants are invited to Lagos where they undergo further fitness and training activities at the citizenship and leadership training center (Sea School). Then they undergo two further interview and assessment stages until the final 10 are announced in Lagos.

Gulder Ultimate Search News with Season Registration Update,locations and Past Winners

How does one get to apply for the show; that is Gulder Ultimate Search Season Registration

1. Simply apply on-line at
2. when the page opens then fill in the required details
3  Then Enter Your Mission

locations were Ultimate search been to

GUS 1 – Snake Island, Lagos.
GUS 2 – Obudu Hills, Cross River.
GUS 3 – Nifor, Benin.
GUS 4 – Shere Hills, Jos.
GUS 5 – Awgu Hills, Enugu
GUS 6 – Omodo Forest, Osun State
GUS 7 – Omo Forest, Ogun State

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The Past Winners of GUS and Total Prize won

GUS 1: Ezugo Egwuagu – 3 Million.
GUS 2: Lucan Chambliss – 5 Million.
GUS 3: Hector Jobarteh – 5 Million + SUV
GUS 4: Dominic Mudabai – 5 Million + SUV
GUS 5: Michael Nwachukwu – 7 Million + SUV  and N500,000 wardrobe allowance
GUS 6: Uche Nwaezeapu – 7 Million + SUV and N500,000 wardrobe allowance

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