Facebook Avatar | How to make Your Own Facebook Avatar

Facebook rolled out Avatars, its take on Bitmoji, in the U.S. this week. This feature allows users to create an avatar of themselves that will be featured in stickers that they can then share in Facebook Stories, comments, and more. In our write up today, we shall be showing you how you can make Your Own Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar

Do you know that you can use your Facebook avatar as a sticker in apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Mail, and Instagram? The Avatars feature lets you customize your own personal avatar for use in stickers across comments and Messenger. Follow the steps below to make your own Facebook avatar.

How to make Your Own Facebook Avatar

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap the hamburger menu (three stacked lines).

Please Note: It could be in the lower right corner for iPhone and in the upper right corner for Android.

2. Scroll down and tap See More.

3. Select Avatars.

4. Tap Next and then Get Started.

5. Select your preferred skin tone (there are 27 options) and tap Next.

6. You will then be instructed to choose a hairstyle for your avatar. You can select Short, Medium, Or Long for a variety of styles. Once you’ve made your selection, tap the Color icon.

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7. Next, you’ll move on to your avatar’s Face icon, where you’ll select the face shape, complexion, and face lines.

8. After you’ve customized the face, tap the Eye icon. Select an eye shape, color, and lash length. Then move on to the Eyebrows icon and select the brow shape and color. You can also add glasses.

9. Now it’s time to customize the nose and mouth. Select your nose shape and then move on to your lips shape. You can also add a lip color and facial hair.

10. Next, select body shape. Once you do this, you can choose an outfit that you like best. You can also choose to add a hat, scarf, or cat ears to your avatar’s outfit.

11. Once you’re finished customizing your avatar, tap the checkmark icon in the upper right corner. Tap Next and then Done.

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