America’s Got Talent Season 13 Audition | Registration Is Out

The America’s Got Talent Auditions Season 13 is out. For those who are interested to showcase their talent can register for the America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Audition

The America’s Got Talent Season 13 has already started their search for next summer’s show so don’t let this opportunity to showcase your unique talents slip away! We are open to any age and any talent nothing is off limits.

The America’s Got Talent enjoys  all talent, whether you are an amazing singer, or can do something really weird with your body. We want to be shocked and amazed by what you can do in 90 seconds!

So take a chance and show your talent. There are two ways you can try out to be on the show.

1. Audition Online

If you can not come and meet the judges  in person? No worries! there is still a better way to do that. STILL want to see what you can do. It is now easier than ever to audition by sending us a video of your act Click Here To start

Guidelines for a Successful Video Audition

Below are some guidelines for a successful video audition:

• Videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes in length.

• Submitted videos DO NOT have to be slick, highly-edited promotional masterpieces. In fact, we would much rather see a straightforward, un-edited performance that shows both your personality and talent, even if it’s just you introducing yourself on camera and performing right in your living room or backyard.

• We will only contact acts that are moving on to the next round.

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2. Attend an Open Call

The open call cities has announced.That’s where the judges travel around the country to meet you and see your talent.

How To Register For America’s Got Talent Season 13 Auditions

A lot of people want to know what their audition day for America’s Got Talent will be like. It may be a very long day, but one you might never forget, especially if you’re the one that walks away with the million-dollar prize.

1. Register Online

The number one thing you have to do is to register for your city and pick the day of your audition.

2. Arrive at Venue

When you arrive at the venue you’re going to look for a member of our staff who will give you two very important items: A wristband and an audition number.

That number will determine the order that you are auditioned. It’s very important you do not lose your number or wristband, otherwise you’ll be sent all the way back to the end of the line again to get new number.

Please Note: That the lines may be long, because so many people will show up, so please dress warm and also consider this an ALL DAY COMMITMENT.

3. Check In

The next step is the on-site check in-desk. Even if you registered online, you’ll need to check in. It’s here you’ll submit your paperwork and show your Photo ID. download the paperwork now.

4. Show Us Your Talent

After submitting your paperwork and showing us your ID at our check-in desk, you’ll be headed to a holding/rehearsal room.

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Auditions Cities & Venues

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Auditions CitiesFor more update keep visiting these very site or better still use the comment box below.

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