25 -Years- Old Kathleen Jekins performance-Britain’s Got Talent 2016

25 -Years- Old Kathleen Jekins Performance

25 -Years- Old Kathleen Jekins Performance, was a great one in the Britain’s Got Talent 2016. She is a cleaner/Part-Time holiday entertainer from Newport in South Wales where she lives with her husband Shaun, her mum Noreen and dad Peter. She comes from a very supportive family and her dad is always impress every time she sings. She came for the Britain’s Got Talent 2016 to showcase her talent.

The 25 Years Old Kathleen Jekins Performance was a great one as she said to the audience that i have come today with my dad and my husband. My dad has been very supportive of me. He wells up every time I sing,” she said backstage.

Kathleen Jekins started narrating herself to the audience that “I live in a place called Newport in South Wales. The area is getting nicer, but there’s not much you can do there really.

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It’s okay to live with my parents. I would like us to get our own place but at the moment, we don’t really have the funds to do that. I do like my job as it pays the bills.

I am nervous about auditioning today as it is a life changing opportunity. It is my dream job. It could change everything,” she added.

Kathleen chose to perform Wild Horses on the show this evening, and it was a stunning performance.

With Kathleen being so nervous prior to going on stage, we thought that her performance would be slightly off, but it was pretty amazing. She definitely got into her stride towards the middle of the performance when she became a little more comfortable in front of the crowd.

She received a standing ovation, led by Simon Cowell, at the end of her performance.

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