2017 Maltina Dance All Registration / How To Register

Maltina Dance All is a family dance talent show, that helps each family to showcase their talent in dancing.Below you will see 2017 Maltina Dance All Registration details.

2017 Maltina Dance All Registration

  • With your computer and visit: www.maltinadanceall.tv/index.html Or CLICK HERE to enter Maltina Dance All registration portal
  • At the top of the webpage click “Register“

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  • When the form opens, fill in all the information required of you.
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Make sure to check your email address and also your mobile number should be available at all time so that you can receive a confirmation message from Maltina Dance All

Please Note: That the 2017 Maltina Dance All Registration has not yet started, once the Registretaion Form is out you will be updated.


Requirements For 2017 Maltina Dance All Registration

Any family who wishes to participate in the 2017 Maltina Dance All must have the following;

•Originality: Dancer(s) must have a unique style
•Uniqueness: Dancer(s) must have an element that stands him/her out
•Versatility: Dancer(s) must display a wide vocabulary of steps
•Surprise element: Dancer(s) must unleash something out of the box during the performance. i.e Unpredictable
•Musicality: Dancer(s) must engage quick response to rhythmic changes / changes in rhythm.
•Technique and Delivery: Dancer(s) body movements must be precise. Exhibiting confidence in delivery.
•Entertainment: Dancer(s) must have Fun. Routine must not look like hard work.

Winners of  Maltina Dance All For All Seasons

Season 1⇔Onye family
Season 2⇔ Opuwari family
Season 3⇔Ibiam family
Season 4⇔Adejo family
Season 5⇔Ekubo family
Season 6⇔Green family
Season 7⇔Briggs family
Season 8⇔Utere family
Season 9⇔Ada family
Season 10⇔
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