2016 Maltina Dance All Registration & Audition

2016 Maltina Dance All Registration & Audition – Dance is they say is an expression of happiness, The Matina Dance All (MDA)  is a talent show that is set to hit television across the nation and beyond to watch the fun, thrills and twists of the show that would be gotten from different families for weeks.

Maltina uses this platform to bring families together hence, causing happiness through teamwork and special moments that are shared, while allowing these families compete for big cash prizes.

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The auditions of MDA is usually held around the months of July and August in various places such Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos and aired on TV stations like AIT, Silverbird, Ebony Live TV and Africa Magic Channels on DSTV on weekdays and weekends also, during the evening time with prizes to be won.

Below is 2016 Maltina Dance All Registration & Audition

Please for those who are earnestly waiting for the 2016 Maltina Dance All season 9 Registration & Audition,  It is said that the The Maltina Dance All (MDA) Season 9 Registration & Audition will soon be announced.

Maltina Dance All Partitions

The Maltina Dance All (MDA) is divided in two parts which are ;

1. Competition

2. Academy

At the competition, the best dancers are rewarded on the spot, following a very keenly contested competition across age bands.

On day 2, the aim of the competition is to select suitable family representatives that would lead their various family members into the maltina dance all academy.

Having been selected, they go through a number of fitness tests, 15 successful ones are invited along with their families to compete for a place in the academy.

So do well to check back to get more updates and announcements on The Maltina Dance All (MDA) Season 9 Registration & Audition as our team is ever ready ready to keep you updated on Celebrity gossip/gist, Awards, Registration and Auditions of different talent shows in the world, Promos, Videos etc….

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