2016 Big Brother Canada Season 4 TV Show is on

2016 Big Brother Canada Season 4 TV Show

2016 Big Brother Canada Season 4 TV Show is here again, this program started on March 2nd 2016, this show has been so interesting. Big Brother Canada 2016 Season 4 TV Show will end in May 12th 2016.

2016 Big Brother Canada  Season 4 TV Show competitive reality television program which is so amazing , the Big Brother Canada comprises of the following;

  1. The House
  2. The House Guests
  3. Wildcard House Guest
  4. Have- Nots

The House

The house in Big Brother Canada 2016 Season 4 was the same as the previous seasons of the program, But however,there was little changes in the house. Mostly the location of the staircase has been changed and there are 2 bedrooms instead of 1.

The two bedrooms are dubbed the “Hundo Suite” was named after a catchphrase commonly used by Season 2 winner, Jon Pardy and the “19199 Suite” named after Season 1 House Guest Talla Rejaei and an infamous incident in a HoH com

The House Guests

The first 14 House Guests was revealed in February 24th and 25th. During the premiere Nick Paquette was introduced, and revealed to be playing with his brother in March 2nd, The brothers lived together in the house, But played as a single House Guest, withnone vote between them and playing alternating competition every week.

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Wildcard House Guest

Two men and women( four former contestants) from international editions of Big Brother were revealed to be competing in a public poll for two spots in the Big Brother Canada on February 23rd.

Immediately after the first eviction, the man and woman were having  the highest number of votes entering the Big Brother Canada house. Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer entered the Big Brother Canada house on the 7th day and were immune for their first week.

Have- Nots

The Have-Not is a room with the style of a Las Vegas Chapel. Additionally, Marsha the Moose is hiding in the alter in the chapel. The vault has been replaced by a high roller room.

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